Friday, 19 September 2014

Fair Go Ad Awards

Recently our class had a competition to see who could come up with the best idea to enter the Fair Go Ad Awards for 2014.

Our Task was to use two existing products and combine them to make a new one.

We had all sorts of ideas like:
Jandels and a sponge = Spandels,
Tennis ball and a GPS, Glasses and Windscreen wipers, Jacket and GPS = Survival Jacket,
Pie and a Bagel = Piegel, Chair and Music = Chairsick and many more.

We had our principal Mr Taylor and Mr Clark, a videographer, come in and judge our ideas and our presentation skills.
The idea that won was the Chilly bin and a solar panel = Solar Freeze.

This was our group and we created a video to send to Fair Go.  Look at the link below

We hope we come somewhere!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Waimareno water park

On the last day of camp we went to Waimareno Water Park.  First we went  kayaking and we were pushed in by the parents, then we  had to make  a raft.   Next we played a game  of seals and sharks.  Finally we went back to the park then we did watersliding.  Next we did  the blob and played on the trampoline then we gave whaea Margo some flowers for organising the camp.

CAMP 2014

                                                       CAMP 2014

First we went to school and jumped in the car then we drove to Tauranga. It took forever to get their!
 First we did a mystery clue trail around Mt Maunganui, we had  to find clues around the Mt to answer a number of questions.  It was so much fun, then we went to the camp to check out our cabins.   I was so excited.

Camp concert 2014

Room three has only just got back form camp!

On the 5th of March until the 7th of march we were enjoying Mount Maunganui and the fun activities there on our camp.
On the last night of camp we had a camp concert before and after we went Ten Pin bowling.
Well when we were doing camp concert we had lots of actors, singers, dancers and people doing plays.   It was very exciting and funny at the same time.


pic collage

This week at school in our class we have been learning how to make a learing journal cover.   Our class chose to do a Pic Collage.   First we put in a background,  I love pigs so I chose 2 pigs for my background  and we had to type in [ Maria's learing journal 2014 ] we had to take phots of our friends  and add stickers  pretty simple but a lot of fun.    Thanks to Pic Collage I have a cool learning journal front cover 

by Maria Minogue

Dynimo Training

Today the Dynimo leaders had a training morning. Paora from "Go For It" came and taught us some games to play with other students in the school.  

Sunday, 30 March 2014

best camp ever!

Camp was fantastic !

First we went on a clue trail around Mount Maunganui. That was awesome!  Next we went blokarting.  In group 1 no body fell out of their carts.  Most people in group 2 tipped over.  Then we went to our sleep out but a group had to sleep